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Water law can generally be divided into two substantive areas: rights to use water and restrictions on pollution of water. More specifically, water law concerns: (1) the balance between public rights and private rights to use water; (2) the relative rights of individual water users; and (3) water quality and the regulation of discharges to water. As it relates to agriculture, water law issues tend to fall into two categories: allocation rights and agricultural land use that negatively affects water quality. We represent clients in water law matters including:

  • Private Ground Water Rights

  • Private Surface Water Rights

  • Private Water Harvesting Rights

  • Public Rights to Water

  • Water Pollution

Water is at the heart of agriculture. The availability of freshwater makes it possible to grow crops and raise livestock. Agricultural water use, in turn, is at the heart of discussions involving water law and policy.

Although water is one of our most plentiful resources, there is often not the right quantity or the right quality of water in the right place at the right time to satisfy demand. Consequently, there is keen competition among water users, including agriculture, municipalities, industry, recreational users, and conservationists.

Personalized Attention

We are committed to ensuring that every client receives personalized attention, including regular updates regarding case progress and options. While achieving a swift resolution is our goal whenever possible, our attorneys do not hesitate to take cases to court when a better outcome can be achieved in that way.


When you retain Martin, Dugan and Martin, you receive the care, time and attention you deserve.

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Our attorneys provide you with straightforward, honest answers to all of your questions and ensure you fully understand the litigation process and what to expect as your case moves forward.  Their clients rely on the firm to help them set realistic expectations.

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Martin, Dugan and Martin constantly seeks ways to cut your costs while maintaining the high level of legal services you expect and deserve.

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Martin, Dugan and Martin always has your best interest in mind. If protracted litigation is the only solution to achieve the proper outcome, Martin, Dugan and Martin is ready. If settling your case early on will achieve the best result, Martin, Dugan and Martin will take the time to explain why they believe it is in your best interest to settle your matter instead of engaging in lengthy litigation.

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